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Personal trainer

  Jako terapeut, osobní fitness trenér i trenér zdravotní tělesné výchovy (absolvent VŠTVS), jsem schopen skloubit vaše sportovní cíle a přání a zároveň doporučit optimální tréninkový plán s důrazem na váš aktuální zdravotní stav i vaše potřeby.

Fitness trainer

As a therapist, fitness trainer and instructor of healthy physical education (graduate VŠTVS), I am able to combine both your sports goals and desires to recommend you an optimal training plan with emphasis on your current health condition and your needs. My goal is to find an exercise program for condition development of the client regardless of whether the client is a beginner, active athlete, senior, client with physical limitations (for example: after rehabilitation, diabetes, etc.) or a client with long persisting problems of the spine (such as a herniated disc, etc. .). Furthermore, I am able to help the client to improve and fix his eating habits, so that the client is in accordance with his sports goals.

  • Fitness Programs:

  • For beginners: The training program is focused on strengthening Core (center of body), where all motion usually begins and which also protects us during physical activities. Other key objectives during the work with clients include the development of flaccid and shortened muscles, and obtaining of the correct exercise habits.

  • For advanced: training plan is designed with an emphasis on sports achieving goals of the client, which is usually associated with his sports preferences. Individual training units are focused on increasing muscle strength, muscle endurance or muscle mass by discussing previous arrangement with the client.


  • For performance athletes or professional athletes: training plan and individual exercises are carefully selected in relation with the client's sport specialization.

  • Training for weight loss: the plan is mainly composed of aerobic workout, which is designed to burn fat in the shortest time possible. A weight loss will appear in combination with a suitably compiled diet.

  • Seniors should exercise in order to stay vital, supple, healthy in a long-term period and maintain the ability to deal with injuries and accidents. I will happily help you with maintaining your fitness during your individual exercises.

Physical Activity for Health:

  • Training Program Aimed for example for neck pain and back pain. As a certified trainer, I recommend my clients with disc herniation this exercise with SM-System. SM-System is a well-tried system exercise that eliminates negative factors and disorders of the spine and large joints. These exercises work on the principle of whole muscle chains' work, which also positively affect their future proper function.

  • After rehabilitation training is aimed at clients who 'wish to return to their sports activities and sports to their previous condition.














Nutrition counselling

  • I will help you to build a suitably composed diet, which will be in accordance with your sports goals. You are going to achieve better results and strengthen your health, due to carefully chosen and fixed eating habits.

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