Kinesiotaping offers a useful therapeutic tool for physiotherapists and masseurs, in case the balance of client’s properly functioning muscles, joints or ligaments is disturbed.

A large amount of movement disorders is directly linked with poor movement patterns, resulting in painful and sometimes unbearable state of a body.

These disorders are caused by the contraction of the space between the skin and muscle (e.g. inflammation) due to the lack of lymphatic drainage, when a lymphatic system is disturbed and thereby affects pain receptors. The lymph can drain into the lymphatic system by suitable applications of kinesiotaping. Consequently, the pain is going to be significantly suppressed and dampened.

One of the advantages of kinesiotaping is the therapist's possibility to significantly support his client in his further treatment after leaving the office by significantly streamlining of the process of healing and regeneration throughout wearing K-Tape, without affecting the mobility of the treated segment.

An application of Kinesio taping

  • A support of joint function -  I am going to help you with correction and definition of proper joint movement, damaged surface of the joint, arthritis, arthrosis caused by poor postural load and imbalance in the muscles, which negatively affect the function of a joint (for example: frozen shoulder, tennis or golf elbow and the problems of the knee joint).

  • K-Tape makes the facilitation of mechanoreceptors in the skin and prevents conduction of painful stimuli (for example: lumbar pain, neck pain, migraine).

  • Improvement in muscle function - muscle injuries, disorders of muscle activity or muscle shortening.

  • Correcting the problem with circulation damaged tissue reacts by causing inflammation. Applications K-Tape improves lymph circulation and thus reduces inflammation.

An application of Kinesio taping

  • An application of K-tape takes about 15 minutes, K-tape is sticked to clean and degreased skin. It is recommended to shave before gluing K-tape.

  • Contraindications: varicose veins, rashes, eczema, moles, warts, abrasions, open wounds (in the centre of the application), acute viral or bacterial disease.

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