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Detoxification of the organism

What is detoxification and information medicine?

Detoxification is a process that aims at a clean organism without deposits and the effect of foreign particles. There are many methods of detoxification. Everyone tries to find and eliminate toxic substances from the body so that their further harmful effects do not occur and the human body is not threatened with health and life.


The information method of detoxification means a gradual process of effective cleansing of the organism. This is based on the gradual application of selected Joalis preparations (treatments), which help the body to get rid of specific toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, food burden, pathogens and microorganisms) from organs and tissues using its own immunity and contribute to their normal functioning. The goal of this method is natural balance. Balance of all functions, not only movement, but also metabolic, defensive, mental and others.

As soon as tissues and organs work in accordance with their original setting, homeostasis, imbalances of body and soul in the form of persistent difficulties practically do not occur. The body can eliminate and correct all these attacks and deviations by itself. This is also the goal that Joalis is working towards - it wants to restore people's natural defenses.



Information medicine looks at a person holistically - as a whole and approaches his health comprehensively. It monitors all connections on a physical and emotional level and focuses on solving the cause of health problems, not just on suppressing the symptoms of diseases. It is actually targeted work with the immune system of each person. With the help of informative food supplements, he receives something like "help" - information where the toxin is stored, which stimulates the immune system to solve the problem and to set the desired balance and harmonize the organism. Along with the information, the preparations also contain herbal macerates, which enhance their effect.

Which substances are among the most widespread toxins and how to detoxify them?

• Environmental toxins – chemical compounds, heavy metals and their compounds

• Infectious microbial deposits and their toxins

• Emotional toxins - eg stress, unprocessed trauma

• Industrial, food, agricultural, household and other chemicals.

• Radioactive substances

• Foreign proteins from the environment

• Toxic substances produced by digestion

• Medicines, drugs

• Metabolic toxins

• Biogenic salts



The ideal and most effective form of detoxification is to use the C.I.C. method. and contact a certified counselor.

The work of the Joalis consultant consists of evaluating the input information about the client and then testing with the Salvia device, which detects the stress reaction to individual types of toxins. The level of the detected toxic load in the body and a holistic view of the person will help the consultant to put together an optimal detoxification course (on average it contains 3 - 4 mutually supporting preparations). Thanks to the guidance of a trained consultant, the client can step by step remove the burdens of individual organs and tissues and, together with a change in lifestyle, "motivate" the organism and its immune system to self-healing processes.

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