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Luboš Petreje, Bc - Terapeut & Osobní trenér

Luboš Petreje, bachelor

Luboš Petreje, bachelor

Therapist & Personal Trainer

I have been close to the sport at different performance levels for almost my whole life. My clients appreciate that as a movement therapist, personal fitness trainer and coach of healthy physical education I am able to see a person from many different perspectives.

I can help a client in an acute phase of back pain, spine or other difficulties at the beginning of our cooperation, which usually continues to the next step - determination of the training goals client want to achieve. I will prepare an individual training plan with respect to your current health status afterwards. My goal is to find an ideal condition development program regardless of whether you are a beginner, active athlete, senior, client with physical limitations (for example: after rehabilitation, diabetes, etc.) or a client with long persisting problems of the spine (such as a herniated disc, etc.).

Furthermore, I am able to help my client to improve and fix his eating habits in accordance with his sports goals. I educate myself systematically and follow interesting trends in fitness and in biomedical fields, which I try to gently apply in my work.


Qualification and specialization:


  • Sports conditioning specialist, bachelor - College of Physical Education Sport Palestra

  • Lektor MFK Metody - MFK Institute Praha

  • MFK System® - Modern physiotherapy control - MFK Centrum Praha

  • Fitness Instructor  - College of Physical Education Sport Palestra

  • The instructor of health physical education - College of Physical Education Sport Palestra

  • Sports and fitness massage - College of Physical Education Sport Palestra

  • Kinesiotaping in practice - SATEMA school of alternative therapies

  • SM system - Spiral stabilization of the spine muscle chains - Certified Instructor

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