Method MFK

Method MFK - Modern therapy of the musculoskeletal system, back pain and joints

Therapy and prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal system - a therapy of a new generation:


  • You will clarify why you feel the pain

  • You will undergo effective treatment and hear my recommendations for prevention

  • You will see your entire musculoskeletal system in its current state on the computer


Method MFK  is a modern therapy of the musculoskeletal system, back pain and joint pain. Muscle test is a type of medical examination, which helps us to determine the degree of activation of the muscles. It is used as the second of five consecutive steps in method MFK . This test ensures that the therapist obtains diagnostic insight into the causes of difficulties of the whole body and not just in the centre of the pain. The therapist will combine his professional experience with the perfect MFK computer software. The therapist will show the patient his own muscular, articular and internal system tension on a monitor screen. Consequently, the therapist selects an effective physiotherapy treatment, passive stimulation of the reflex areas of motorics, massage, neurolymphatics points, lymphatic drainage massages or active exercise. Final control muscle test will prove the effectiveness of the treatment.

What awaits you in the regenerative program MFK System®?


  • An initial consultation with a therapist and a simple test of movements

       of your limbs and body

  • A work with the therapists with assistance of the MFK System® program

  • A visualization of the tension of the musculoskeletal system of the body in

       the program MFK System®

  • A therapy, exercise, customized recovery plan all of them with

       the assistance of program MFK System®








How does the regeneration with the MFK System® program progress in each step?

An initial consultation - anamnesis

Firstly, the therapist will lead your the initial interview. The therapist will record the location of your bone fractures, scars on the skin, painful difficulties of muscles, joints, cramps, etc. To the MFK System® program


Examination of the muscular system

The therapist evaluates an activation of your muscles (he runs a muscle test) after the initial interview and during each client's visit. The therapist records any particular changes to program MFK System®.


The therapist will evaluate the visualized results of your examinations on the diagnostic map of your body systems in the program MFK System®. He will explain you the causes and consequences of dysbalances and pain in muscles, joints and spine. You are going to see overburdened parts of your body on the monitor.



Based on the results of your previous examinations, the therapist will choose a map in the MFK System® of your burdened areas of the musculoskeletal system, on which he applies the freeing techniques of therapy or active motion exercises.



You will be tested for the final muscle test with the MFK System® program. The therapist will verify the effectiveness of the therapy.


I can help you with difficulties such as: Acute and long-term joint pain, spine, back and prevent poor posture.

MFK System® step by step


Medical examination


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